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Embark on a journey of learning and exploration through destination photography. With extensive experience spanning over 12 African countries, including adventures in China, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, New Amsterdam, South Korea, Canada, and Mexico, and exploration of 49 out of the 51 states in the US, I bring you the expertise and creativity essential for an unforgettable destination photography experience.

My initial voyage to Africa over a decade ago ignited my passion for photography. I vividly recall the initial apprehension of entrusting someone outside the United States to curate a photographic tour. The intricacies of border-to-border travel and navigating through third-world countries were unexpected challenges. However, these experiences have now shaped my proficiency in ensuring your safe and memorable photographic expeditions.

Beyond the captivating memories, every journey beyond US borders enriches your life in unique ways. As you plan your remarkable trip, remember that our destination excursions cater not only to seasoned photographers seeking exceptional photography experiences but also to beginners and intermediates eager to enhance their skills. We offer comprehensive training both online and in person, making your dream photography experience attainable.

Our meticulously planned tours are brimming with opportunities to capture stunning wildlife and legendary landmarks. Rest assured, our itineraries are well-structured, thoroughly explained, and prioritize your safety.

Photography Training and Courses
in Tampa Bay

When you book a tour, whether it be local or international, I’ll send you our YouTube photography course, along with corresponding PDFs full of information and training exercises for how to capture the best photos.

Africa Tours 2024

Our African excursions commence in June or July 2024. All-inclusive packages ensure seamless ground, air, or sea transportation within the booked country. Activity fees are bundled, and we also allocate downtime for customizable experiences at your discretion.

While summer reigns in the United States, it’s the winter season in most of Africa. Contrary to the term “winter,” expect vibrant and active wildlife during this period, even with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

In-Person Training Sessions in Tampa Bay

For those joining us in the Tampa Bay area, our in-person training sessions are centered around ZooTampa in Lowery Park. Alternatively, select from local state or county parks in the Tampa Bay area as your destination classroom.

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Let us capture your thirst for knowledge as you explore incredible destinations worldwide. Our classes are available online or in person at stunning locales. YouTube offers a preview of our classes before embarking on the destination experience. Onsite coaching and immediate feedback are integral to every excursion, enabling you to apply your newfound knowledge effectively.

Unlock the world through your lens with our destination photography excursions. Make your photography dreams come true with us.

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